Seasonal Skincare Tips: A smooth transition will keep you glowing

The changing of a season (especially when it’s Libra Season) is often a time for change and contemplation, resting and rebooting. In fact, it was F. Scott Fitzgerald who famously stated, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” The same goes for your skincare routine! Your summer skincare staples shouldn’t necessarily follow you in the fall. Don’t know what stays and what gets the boot? We’ve got you covered.

Do give your skin an extra moisturizing boost

Just because the leaves are crispy doesn’t mean your skin has to be! As the air becomes less humid and nights get a bit cooler, your skin may become dry, flaky, or irritated. Make sure to be gentle with any exfoliation, continue with moisturizer day and night, and introduce soothing face oils or serums (like our Luminous Brightening Elixir) to your nighttime regimen for summer supple skin, all year long.  

Remember to hydrate with H2O

There is nothing quite like a hot cup of coffee on a brisk morning or a soothing chai tea on a chilly night. But these warm treats should only be in addition to, not in place of water. Water is both the most important and most overlooked component to clear, lit-from-within skin. You can have your pumpkin spice, just don’t forget to drink water throughout the day. (A solid rule of thumb? As a baseline, start the day with a tall glass and then have a glass for every non-water drink you consume.)

Do sleep with a humidifier

There is nothing like fall air, is there? With less humidity, being active outdoors without constant sweat or excessive shine is almost as luxurious as a cashmere scarf. But our skin has to adjust to the lack of humidity, as that moisture is actually great for skin and provides a youthful glow. Not to mention, once it gets cold enough to turn on the indoor heat, your skin will be even more dried out. A cost effective, low effort and high impact solution is to sleep next to a humidifier. Bonus: your houseplants will also love it.

Remember SPF is important in winter too

Sunscreen should be an integral, non-negotiable step in your daytime routine (if it isn’t already). Do you enjoy a brisk hike or like playing in the leaves? Even if you are spending less time outdoors or it’s not as sunny as July-it all counts. Every season. Every day. It is never too early to start!

Do keep enjoying the beach

Visiting the shore in the fall is absolutely beautiful, but a day trip isn’t the only thing the sea has to offer this time of year. From the powers of seaweed to our essential oil infused with seashells, the beach contains many hidden wellness and skincare gems that are as strong as the tides. No matter the season, at si SKIN Organics we believe in sustainability and science, in the organic and unparalleled gifts provided by Mother Nature, in authentic beauty, and in creating a more beautiful Earth for all inhabitants.

What is your fall skincare routine? Tell us in the comments! 


Contributor:  Lily DiGregorio