The Secrets in the Shell of a Sea Turtle

Majestic Sea Turtle: At si SKIN Organics, our muse is the sea turtle. Having been around, in some cases, since the age of the dinosaurs, the sea turtle is as mystical as they are majestic. Although they have been roaming the oceans for the last 110 million years, the sea turtle is not easy to pin down and holds many secret wisdoms inside their shell. Hidden deep in their bodies, there is an ancient thread that connects all of them to each other, a thread that bonds them together while allowing them to stand out and discover their uniqueness and role in the natural world.

Contrary to popular belief, not all sea turtles are world seekers, and that is okay. Some species travel thousands and thousands of miles, some 10,000 a year. While others rarely leave their homes. Similarly, the diets of sea turtles range greatly - from jellyfish to seaweed (it has many, many benefits for us too!). Sea turtles also have a similar lifespan to ours, so we truly are more alike than we may think.

Many have tried to estimate the exact number of sea turtles in the waters of the world, but no one is entirely sure of the true count. As far back as 500 years ago, legend has it that the Caribbean seas were filled with so many sea turtles that the sounds of turtles breathing and banging against the ships were directional cues to help sailors navigate safely. If that wasn’t amazing enough, scholars attribute the sea turtle to the successful discovery of America! Slow but steady, hidden but essential, shy but bold, often forgotten under the seas yet impossible to ignore is the sea turtle.

Currently, all sea turtles in U.S. waters are listed as threatened or endangered. In recent years, thanks to countless organizations, campaigns and widespread knowledge of the dangers of plastic and other ocean pollutants, the future of the sea turtle has gotten a bit brighter. But, as the State of the World’s Sea Turtles claims, “the permanent recovery of sea turtles can be ensured only when all the threads of a turtle’s existence are intact; when the oceans are healthy; and when nesting beaches, seagrass pastures, coral reefs, and migratory pathways remain safe and usable.” Whether it’s donating to organizations dedicated to ocean sustainability to eliminating plastic as often as you can, do your part to protect the world’s sea turtles.

Woven into si SKIN Organic’s name and logo, our sea turtle promotes awareness of our oceans and highlights conservation efforts underway for all living creatures and the environment.​

Together we can make a difference!


Contributor: Lily DiGregorio