Libra Season is Here, and She’s All About Balance

We all know the four seasons - spring, fall, winter and spring - but did you know there are 12 astrological seasons, each coinciding with the signs of the zodiac? Libra season, beginning September 23rd and ending October 22nd, is about finding or creating balance. Which is not surprising, since Libra season begins right on the tail of the Autumnal Equinox, a time of equal night and day, signifying the beginning of a new season. So what does this mean for you? Below are the key takeaways and tips for making the most of Libra season.

All about balance

Libra season symbolizes a new beginning, in the seasons and in our lives, and the importance of being in a balanced, harmonious state throughout the changing tides. This is going to be especially important since both Mars and Mercury are going to be in retrograde this Libra season. Make sure to listen to your body and mind during this time and follow your internal compass. Maybe it wants you to take up a new hobby, or spend more time outdoors. Perhaps it’s urging you to focus more on finding a more sustainable work/life balance. Wherever it guides you, be sure to find equilibrium along the way. 

Appreciating loved ones

Libra season is known to be a time that is light and airy, which makes sense since Libra is an air sign. You will likely find yourself wanting to spend time with friends and family, and appreciating them more than ever before. Just make sure you don’t overcommit and drain yourself. Do what makes you happy with the people who make you happy, while being intentional with your time and learning the right balance of social outings vs. cozy nights in.

Out with the old, In with the Libra energy

Libras like things exactly where they are supposed to be, and love all things tidy and organized. Channel this energy into your home. Clean through your closet and purge those clothes you just don’t wear anymore. Organize your bookshelf and pantry, and have fun figuring out a system that works for you. With a new season comes new energy, and cleansing your home to make room for and welcome those Libra vibes will ensure your home is your happiest place.

Advocating for justice

The symbol of the Libra are scales, so it’s no surprise that they are strong advocates for equality and justice. Libras believe in harmony amongst all living things, and firmly disagree with any notion that one body or being is better or more deserving than another. Let this inspire you, and during the season of the Libra, challenge yourself to get involved. From signing campaigns to preserve wildlife to donating to charities you believe in to even having important and sometimes difficult conversations with loved ones, do your part to make the scales a bit more equal, any way you can.

If you retain one thing about Libra season, let it be the importance of finding or creating your own sense of balance amidst times of growth and change, and spreading that harmony and equality to all people, animals and living things we share our planet with.


Contributor: Lily DiGregorio