Pure Radiance, Powered by the Sea.

From Aphrodite to Cleopatra, nature's Seaweed has been revered for thousands of years for its skin soothing and healing benefits. Our modern formulations capture the secrets of these ancient skincare rituals.


Inspired by Nature, Crafted by Science.

We use only the highest quality, certified organic, Red and Brown Seaweed and Micro Algae extracts - some of nature’s highest concentrations of powerful antioxidants, peptides, vitamins, and minerals.


Formulas that Deliver Lasting Results.

Seaweed - a skincare powerhouse - with proven skin hydrating, brightening, collagen-boosting and anti-aging properties. Blended with potent and essential bioactives, sourced from around the natural world.


Responsible. Ethical. Eco-friendly.​ 

By wild-harvesting our Seaweed from the cold, pristine, coastal waters of the Northern Atlantic, we support local communities and promote sustainability.