All About The Moon

All living things on Earth, from you and me to our furry friends to those under the sea or in the sky, all experience and are impacted by the same moon. Even the ocean herself is controlled by the moon! One moon, with many secrets and powers. From full moons to blue moons to everything in between, knowing the moon and embracing her phases will open the door to fully understanding how we are all connected on this planet and how one star leaves a big mark on us all.

The moon is a universally feminine symbol. She represents the rhythm of time, the constant and consistently changing cycles of life. Around each new and full moon, the sun, Earth and moon literally arrange themselves along an imaginary line in space. When this happens, the gravity of the sun supports the gravity of the moon. Together, they create a pull so strong that our ocean tides increase.

This astronomical force and change in Nature can be felt in ourselves, too. Typically, full moons bring with them a feeling of disruption - which makes sense, given outer space is literally shifting. Feelings are felt, stronger and bolder than before. It may be harder to suppress stressors or anxieties. Under a full moon, we have more energy to burn and more thoughts to contemplate. The brightness of the moon shines a light, not only on Nature but also to the darkest, deepest corners of ourselves. Most people actually sleep less on a full moon night! This spike in spirit and stamina may also make one feel more extroverted and connected to our partners and inner-selves, spiritually and sexually. 

Halloween 2020 will have a full moon, the first time in nearly two decades and the first time all time zones will experience an All Hallows’ Eve full moon since the 1940s! It also will be the second full moon in the month of October, making it a rare ‘blue moon’ which typically happen every two to three years. This spooky and special rarity will not only embrace and enhance the fun and festivities of Halloween, but also serve as a reminder.

A reminder to be bold in your beauty. To be a light for yourself and others. To trust Nature, without question and without judgment. To be resilient. To be welcoming of change. To keep going. A reminder to look up and bask in the breath-taking and natural beauty of our world, and to take care of her.​


Contributor:  Lily DiGregorio