Sleeping Beauty: The Importance of Rest, and How to Master!

In a society where we are always on-the-go and where we are constantly consuming media, rest becomes a chore more than a necessity. However, rest is essential. Rest should not be earned. Rest is necessary. All living things deserve rest. All living things need rest. Without rest, there is no growth. Nature rests so it can bloom boldly. The same applies to us. Use the below tips and tricks to rest more and maximize your rest time so you feel as refreshed as possible. 

Sunrises over Screens

We admit this is easier said than done. Sometimes, it feels impossible to tear our eyes off our Twitter feeds or resist the urge to snap a picture of nature instead of being fully present in Mother Nature's glory. But finding the willpower and putting in the effort to disassociate from your phone will result in a more relaxed, calm state of mind. Practice having 'no screening hours' where you phone is even turned off. Try to avoid checking your phone before bed and first thing in the morning. Experience the warmth of the sun, the smell of a crisp fall breeze, the sounds of crunchy leaves and chirping birds. A phone can never capture those moments, and those moments are utter peace. 

Early Bird

May seem counterintuitive, but we promise it works. The key to feeling more restful is not sleeping the day away and setting a bedtime schedule. Early rise and early rest. Aim to be in bed a good half hour before the 8 hour minimum, to allow for restful, falling asleep bliss. At first, getting up earlier than you are used to may feel more tiring than not, but those extra hours of awake time can be highly productive and the key to charging your day. Instead of waking up and immediately starting your way fast, go slow. Be intentional.

Restful Rituals

Before you get yourself into bed, get yourself ready to rest. This means, a zen evening routine! Each night doesn't have to be the same, but preparing your body to sleep will result in falling asleep quicker and a deeper, more restful sleep. Don't know where to start? Sip some spearmint tea (caffeine free, with skin benefits too!). Stretch for as long as you can allow, remembering a few minutes is better than no minutes. Try out some breathing exercises. Use a jade roller or gua sha. Read a chapter of that book that's been on your night stand. Talk to the stars and tell them your plan for tomorrow. Take your time getting ready for bed and really enjoy the process - from washing your face to using your favorite products (like our Luminous Brightening Elixir), to putting on your comfies. Snuggle your pets. Do the child's pose. Whatever feels good for YOU.  

Empty Your Mind

For many of us, the hardest part of resting is turning off our minds and letting our brains take a breather. Our bodies can be as still as stone, but if our minds are racing, then we aren't totally resting. Oftentimes, forcing yourself to physically be still will help to slow things down. But if that feels daunting, and more stressful than restful, try literally emptying your brain. What we don't say takes up so much room. Talk outloud - to yourself or to nature. She is a great listener. Or write things down. Write down what you did today that made you happy, and write down what you plan to do tomorrow. The act of making a list and then being able to check off one-by-one (even if it's just mundane, daily activities) is not only satisfying but will help take a load off your mind and free up space to relax.

Happy resting! Did we miss any calming tips you swear by? Let us know in the comments!