What Your Skin Is Trying To Tell You

According to ancient Chinese wisdom, it’s believed that your inner health is directly reflected in your skin. What you put inside impacts the outside. Makes sense, right? But did you know that where your breakouts occur have meaning? A blemish is a signal from within that something isn’t quite right, and face mapping is an important practice that is used to understand what your body is trying to tell you. While every body is different, below are some guides to help you get started in your journey of listening and healing. After all, your body knows best. 


Your forehead is connected to the digestive system. This means that decadent milky hot chocolate and cookie combo may come back to haunt you in the form of a pesky pimple. Some people are more sensitive than others, but practicing a plant-based, balanced diet will help to clear this area - and is good for our planet too! 

A lack of sleep, increased stress levels, and hair products may also be contributing to breakouts in this area. So do your best to breathe and meditate, get a good night's sleep, and sleep with your hair pulled back! 


Your stomach, spleen and respiratory system are in cahoots with your cheeks. Breakouts in this area may be due to sinus issues or allergies. A teaspoon of raw, organic, local honey has been proven to help - and is both a delicious way to start the day and a delightful way to support a local business!

A dirty phone or pillowcase are also leading causes of cheek acne, so make sure to clean your phone and change your pillowcases frequently. We recommend weekly at a minimum! 


Ah, the oh-so common and persistent chin acne. Jawline and chin breakouts correspond with the reproductive and hormonal systems. Anything from PMS, stress, or a hormonal imbalance may cause breakouts here. This area tends to be one of the hardest to cure, but for starters we swear by cutting out dairy, which will benefit not just your skin but our planet and furry friends. A win-win! Herbal teas such as spearmint also may help soothe any hormonal acne in this area. 

Recognizing what your blemishes signify is key to understanding what your body needs to be it’s absolute healthiest and happiest. Don’t forget to top it all off with a few drops of our Luminous Brightening Elixir for calm, radiant, lit-from-within skin!