How to Give Thanks to Mother Nature

The last Thursday in the month of November - (USA Thanksgiving): is a day dedicated to food, family and friends. A day of reflection. A day of being thoughtful and appreciative. A day of being loved and giving love. Today, show thanks to our world and all of Her wonders with a few small gestures. You may just be saving her.

Shop Small or Secondhand

While this holiday is for relaxing and laughing with loved ones, Black Friday is almost the opposite. All of the warmth and appreciation from giving thanks is swiftly replaced with BOGO sales and free samples. While it may be tough to beat the thrill of a good deal, did you know the fashion industry is one of the major polluting industries in the world and emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined? This Black Friday, challenge the status quo for the sake of our Earth. If you want to shop till you drop, try supporting small businesses or secondhand shops. Another fun idea that both your friends and Mother Nature will love is to host a clothing swap! Save money and our world.

Shop with Intent

While abstaining from shopping altogether is the most sustainable way to show thanks to our planet, shopping with your values is equally as important when you do decide to shop. Put your money towards companies and organizations that are committed to making a difference and that value Mother Nature and all of her inhabitants. At si SKIN Organics, we believe true quality means it benefits all living things. That means, we never test on animals, all of our products are Vegan and sourced sustainably, and we never use harmful or toxic chemicals that may hurt the world around us. Feel good about the businesses you support. 


We all know the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling. But this applies to so much more than milk cartons and cardboard boxes. Cut up old flannels (which are inexpensive and plentiful at thrift shops) and use them as dishrags to reduce your paper towel usage. Repurpose your candle jars as decorative vases or storage, and use the wax in a melter to maximize the value. Need a spray bottle? Use a mason jar. Want some delicious overnight oats or a ready-to-go salad? Use a tulip jar. Like Mother Nature herself, the possibilities are absolutely endless!

Get Outside

Showing gratitude doesn’t always have to be a grandiose act. Sometimes, the smallest things have the largest impact in your life. Spend more time outside and bask in Mother Nature’s glory. Be grateful for the ground that keeps us stable and supported, the sky that makes us believe anything is possible, and the ever-changing tides that are bold and beautiful - just like you. Plant wildflowers. Pick up litter. Go on walks with a loved one or furry friend. Howl at the moon and wish upon the stars.

Let Mother Nature clear your mind and soul, and in return, never, ever take her for granted. That is the true meaning of appreciation.