Valentine's Self Love All Year Around

Whether you spend it solo, with your favorite friends or significant other, Valentine’s Day is dedicated to love. This year, shower yourself with the self care you deserve. After all, you are your true love, your biggest fan, your soulmate, the love of your life. Big and bold or small and simple, here are some ideas for a Valentine’s Day filled with self love, and what self love really looks like. 

Take Yourself On Your Dream Date

An option that may take some effort, but is undoubtedly sure to pamper and please. Put on your favorite outfit, set that timer, and strike a pose for the ‘gram. Get your favorite takeout and don’t skimp on apps. Can’t decide which dessert? Get two. Watch that movie you’ve been dying to see. Drive to the shore and soak in Mother Nature’s beauty. Take an online class, from meditation to cooking. The possibilities are endless when your only goal is to listen to you, and do what feels good to you. You are in control. You are the universe. Beautiful, authentic, fun, you.

Show Your Skin Some Lovin’

Many of us think of our skin frequently, but unfortunately not in the best light. Why am I breaking out? What is this new wrinkle? When will this dry patch go away? But skin does so much for us and asks for little to nothing in return. Keeping us whole, healing when we break, protecting us, giving signals when something isn’t quite right inside, offering us the gift of touch, the feeling of silk, the sea or a loved one's kiss. Show your skin the love it deserves, and that doesn’t mean breaking the bank on the latest mask or most expensive serum. It can be washing your face a little more gently or indulging your senses in a soothing face oil like our Luminous Brightening Elixir. It is using SPF daily, finding safe and effective products you truly love to wear, being intentional, mindful and thankful.

Let Yourself Feel Your Feelings

Above all else, self love is about listening and learning, care and compassion, patience and peace. Sometimes, self love isn’t pretty or Instagram-worthy. It can be messy or boring or uncomfortable or difficult or all of them at once or in any combination. It’s going to bed early, making a to-do list, organizing your medicine cabinet, letting yourself cry. Making doctors appointments. Calling your parents. Stretching. Taking care of your body and mind. Being in tune with what you need. Listening to you, truly and wholly. Giving yourself what you really need, chocolate truffles or not (but they can never hurt).

At si SKIN Organics, we love our world, our four-legged friends, our ecosystems under the sea or in the treetops. We love skincare, sustainability and will never sacrifice. We love exploring to find new and innovative ingredients-to help solve your most pressing skincare challenges. And above all we love and appreciate you. Beautiful, authentic, You.

Happy Valentine's Day!  xoxo