To execute skincare formulas for diverse audiences, it is necessary to first recognize that several important factors such as individual cosmetic concerns, standards of beauty, treatment expectations, ingredient efficacy, and risks of side effects vary among different demographic groups (Caucasian, African-American, Asian, Latinx, and more).

Skin-of-color is the fastest growing population demographic, but this shift has not been reflected in skincare. Skin-of-color individuals remain underrepresented in beauty industry advertising, and lack focused skincare product design and testing.

Anatomical and biochemical variations between different demographic groups influence the rate of onset, severity, and type/pattern of age-related skin changes, prioritizing specific cosmetic concerns among individuals (i.e., hyperpigmentation in darker skin types vs. fine lines, wrinkles in lighter skin types).

An individual’s own racial, ethnic and social identity also imbues a cultural influence on her/his standards of beauty, attitudes toward appearance, and treatment choices and expectations.

Skin-of-color patients are often at greater risk of skin irritation, sensitivity and other side effects (i.e., post-therapy hyperpigmentation) with many currently available treatments.

Many skincare products contain toxic and harmful ingredients, while others lack peer-reviewed proof of safety and efficacy in all demographics.

Therefore, the development of novel skincare products that are both safe and effective, while addressing specific and individualized cosmetic concerns in different populations, is necessary.

For example, more than 40% of Latina women have expressed a preference for skincare solutions made with natural, organic ingredients - that are believed to be safer to use, while still effective. However, research by si SKIN Organics has found very few (n=7) peer-reviewed clinical studies that evaluated safety and efficacy of (only 7) natural skincare ingredients (for hyperpigmentation) in Latina women.

At si SKIN Organics, we are creating innovative skincare solutions using carefully selected combinations of natural ingredients, which target different steps of the skin-aging pathways, and produce additive/synergistic effects that lead to improved cosmetic outcomes in different populations.

On-going human clinical testing for safety and efficacy of si SKIN Organics products is being undertaken in different demographic groups. Clinical trials by other skincare brands must promote inclusivity and representation of ethnic diversity.

si SKIN Organics research was presented at the recent 12th Annual Skin of Color Update in New York City on September 12-13, 2020 ( and will soon be published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology (