Winter Skincare Tips

With winter comes brisk mornings, snowy weekends, hot chocolate and seasonal skincare. But which winter skincare tips are effective and important, and which ones should be left out in the cold? We have got you covered. 

The Myth: You don’t need sunscreen on gray days

The Truth: You absolutely should be wearing sunscreen everyday and every season. Even if the sun never has her moment to shine and even if it’s too cold to make it outside at all. Sunscreen is the final step that holds all of your skincare in place, that helps to absorb all the goodness, that protects against any unwanted elements. However, in the winter you can opt for a more moisturizing SPF if your skin is more dry or sensitive.

The Myth: I need to moisturize more to combat dry air

The Truth: It’s true that oftentimes in the winter our skin gets more dry due to the heat always running and lack of humidity in the air. However, the answer isn’t necessarily slathering on moisturizer after moisturizer. In fact, you don’t want to clog your skin barrier or overwhelm your pores. If you feel like your current moisturizer isn’t cutting it, you can try opting for a heavier one, applying your moisturizer to damp skin to maximize hydration, or topping your moisturizer with an oil (we swear by our Brightening Luminous Elixir!) to lock as much moisture as possible.

The Myth: Drinking hot tea is as beneficial as water

The Truth: We are firm believers that few things are better than a mug of your favorite hot beverage on a cold February evening. We are also firm believers that there is no substitute for water when it comes to clear, glowing, hydrated skin. Some teas do have skincare benefits, like spearmint for hormonal acne or green tea for it’s soothing and inflammatory properties, but even that is not the same as hydrating your body with water. Drink all the tea and coffee and cocoa to warm your winter nights, but don’t neglect your water intake in doing so.

The Myth: I can’t wear face oils if my skin is already oily

The Truth: Contrary to popular belief, face oils will not make skin clogged or oily when applied properly. In fact, oily skin often is the result of skin that is overly stripped, causing an overproduction of oil to protect the skin’s barrier. Instead, gently patting a few drops of face oil will provide moisture to your skin and sooth your barrier, leaving skin protected and plump. Just remember, more doesn’t equal more. Your face shouldn’t feel like it’s dripping. Too much of a good thing can be just as damaging to your skin as too little.

The Myth: If my skin is dry then I shouldn’t wash it

The Truth: Water. We love her, we need her, but she can be harsh. When skin is dry, washing twice a day can feel like it’s doing more harm than good. But you can still clean your face without feeling like your stripping away all of your moisture. Opting for a gentle micellar water instead of your usual water + soap will still cleanse, but won’t irritate.

Above all else, remember that seasons will change, SPF is essential, and skin is resilient - just like you.