Relax! Here’s How

Self-Care: It’s more than a hashtag or a picture of a coffee mug. It’s an essential ritual for all of us. It’s being kind to yourself, others and our planet. It’s prioritizing time for rest and recharging. And unfortunately, it’s often neglected when our lives are busy - but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some Self-Care rituals that are easy and enjoyable.

Get Outside

  • Enjoying the great outdoors isn’t just reserved for avid hikers. Whether you’re in a city apartment or a beach cottage, taking time each day to feel Mother Nature under bare feet, to breathe in fresh Ocean air and to sense the Sun on your skin will leave you feeling energized and thankful.


  • Repeat after us: I deserve to rest no matter what. Women especially have a hard time recuperating because we often feel guilty, but resting your mind and body is absolutely essential to feeling and being your best. Whether your day is packed with appointments and meetings or if you have all the time in the world, taking just 5 to 10 minutes for a cat nap or even just closing your eyes and clearing your brain will give you the fuel you need to keep going and growing.


  • Read and Brew. From poetry to novels to blog posts, read whatever soothes your soul and pair it with your favorite tea or hot water with lemon. The ultimate Self-Care combo.


  • We often associate stretching with intense yoga poses, but you don’t have to be in down dog to make your muscles happy. A personal favorite stretch of mine, on an area most of us never think about, is a finger exercise! Hold out your hand with your palm facing up and pull down each finger at the knuckle. After, pinch your fingers down to your nail while gently shaking and pulling. End with massaging in a circular motion the space between each finger.

Don’t forget Your Precious Face

  • Oftentimes, the act of getting ready for bed is rushed and feels more like a race against the clock as opposed to a zen spa day. Self-Care means exactly that - taking care of yourself, so why not start with our largest organ, our skin! And contrary to social media or societal pressures, you don’t need to break the bank in order to treat your skin; Self-Care is not a privilege and is accessible to all bodies. Instead of a rough makeup wipe, try a face oil – like si SKIN Organics Brightening Elixir. When bathing, slowly lather soap onto your skin, massaging as you go. Rinse with cool water for a zing of refreshment. Pat your products onto your skin as opposed to quickly rubbing. You can even do a quick massage to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Sometimes, it’s the littlest changes that make the biggest impact.

Happy Relaxing!


 By: Lily DiGregorio