Hello Spring Equinox!

Saturday March 20th is the 2021 March Equinox ("equal night" in Latin).  Also known as the vernal equinox-which only occurs twice per year. This day signifies the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s a day of new beginnings; a time to embrace change and a time to honor the past. Here are some tips for making the most of Spring and some facts about the unique traditions and rituals that occur all around the world.

How to Make The Most of Spring

  • Spring into action (no pun intended)! Get moving and feel the energy that's blooming about.  These have been trying times and with hope around the corner it's a great way to tap into the energy of a new day. 
  • Citrus is also a great way to bring in the feeling of spring!  Try placing lemons, oranges and grapefruits in a bowl on your kitchen counter.  Enjoy and replenish as needed.  And for the ultimate experience try our Luminous Brightening Elixir! The organic and natural ingredients provide nourishment for your skin and the scent is a true blossom of citrus delight!
  • Make way for growth!  According to Feng Shui Rituals, when you grow your own plants it ignites earth's energy-that may help to enrich your life in return:

1. Start by finding a sunny place on a windowsill and a decide on a specific plant clipping you want to grow.  Look to your existing house plants for inspiration. 
2. Identify the location where you will snip your cutting from the main plant.
3. Carefully cut just below the node with a clean sharp knife or scissors.
4. Place the cutting in a clean glass.
5. Change out the water every 3-5 days with fresh room temperature water.
6. Wait and watch as your roots grow!

Share the love with friends by giving them one of your plant clippings to start their own growth!


Celebrations Around The World:

The Truth About the Easter Egg

The March Equinox calculates when to celebrate both Jewish Passover and Christian Easter. Many of us know Easter is the holiday of candy and colorful eggs, but a lesser known fact is that the Easter egg, or Paschal egg, is a symbol of fertility and rebirth! 

Balance, Balance, Balance

Speaking of eggs… On the day of the March equinox, it is an ancient Chinese tradition to balance them! That’s right. It was believed that balancing an egg on the March equinox brought good luck and prosperity. Some even claim the March equinox is the only day of the year when an egg can be balanced on its end. Try it out (just have some paper towels handy!).

Remember the Other Shore

In Japan, the March equinox is a day for remembering ancestors. During the March and September equinoxes, Japan celebrates a week of Buddhist rituals called Higan. Higan means the ‘other shore’, referring to ‘spirits who reach Nirvana after crossing the river of existence’. This day celebrates a loved one reaching enlightenment after departing from our Earth. Everyday, but especially today, take a few minutes to get some fresh air, breathe, feel the sun on your skin, and remember.

Happy New Year!

The March Equinox is also Nowruz, the Iranian New Year! Following the Persian calendar, this celebration lasts for about 12 days and has been going on for over 3,000 years! While Nowruz is on the equinox, preparations begin days and days in advance, from buying new clothes to cleaning the house to ensuring you have wheat or lentils to make Sabzeh, which represents new growth.

The Snake of Sunlight

Many have heard of the Mayan calendar, but a lesser known fact is that one of the most well-known ancient Spring equinox celebrations. This famous tradition was located in Chichen Itza, Mexico at the main pyramid, El Castillo. This pyramid has four staircases that are built at a specifically calculated angle, and on the day of the equinox, it makes it look like a massive snake of sunlight is slithering down the stairs!

However you are celebrating, we wish you a happy and healthy March equinox!