9 Ways to Embrace Earth Day Everyday

April 22nd is celebrated internationally as Earth Day! It’s a day to come together as a nation and raise awareness about the issues affecting the planet and how to take action, and to celebrate the beautiful places we all call home. Here are 9 ways to embrace Earth Day everyday!

1. Get Outside!

It’s easy to take your surroundings for granted. When you see something everyday, sometimes the magic or beauty gets forgotten. Today, challenge yourself to get outside and experience your world with fresh eyes. Whether that means sitting on your lawn, walking around your block, walking along the shore or anything in between. No matter where you live and what surrounds you, take a moment to immerse yourself and be bewildered by it.

 2. Reduce and Reuse

One simple yet effective way to do your part in promoting a lasting, sustainable, healthy planet is to both reduce and reuse. Going hand-in-hand, this means to be creative, crafty and savvy whenever you can. Ask yourself if you really need whatever your next purchase is. If you do, is there a way you can buy something that can be reused (we love reusable paper towels!) or that has already been used (we also love thrift shops!)? Cut up a worn flannel to use as hand towels. Reuse the glass jar from your candle to store just about anything. The possibilities are endless. Donate gently used clothing to the Goodwill, to a woman's shelter, or an organization that is helping people get back to work. Enjoy the process of helping the Earth and all in need!

3. Have a Conversation

Regardless of our differences, there is one thing that unites us all: Earth. We all are here, and we all want to be here for as long as we can be. That may mean something different for everyone, but the best way to both find common ground and enact meaningful change is to simply start a conversation. Share personal stories. Ask questions. Listen. Tell us Your everyday favorite practices for sustainability and what you look for in a brand that resonates with YOU.

4. Buy Local & Support Small Business

We all know that major industries and corporations may not always be the most ethical, and more often than not are responsible for massive, detrimental effects on our climate and planet. The good news is that there is a small business for almost every big company, and usually their products are not only higher quality but better for all living beings and the home we all share. While it may not always be the most convenient option and you may have to do some online searching, shopping small whenever you can will support someone’s dream and support our Earth. Feel good doing good while boosting your local economy in the most positive ways.

5. Look for the Bunny

A brand that is Leaping Bunny Certified (like us!) is a brand that will never, ever, ever test on animals. This coveted certification is actually absent from a lot of major makeup and skincare companies. When you’re shopping, follow the authentic Leaping Bunny Logo-Learn More. Give to companies that give back to our planet and take care of all living creatures.

6. Embrace the Wild

In a society that so often pressures us to conform to certain ideals and standards, find the courage to push back. Be authentic. True to YOU. Get in touch with your most inner self, and be wild. Whether it’s yelling on top of a mountain, splashing in blue waves, running through tall grass, dancing in a field of wildflowers, or even just smiling at the sun.  Above all, speak up for change. Speak up as organisations, and as individuals, talk about environmental impacts, with your colleagues, friends, family, write to Congress or leaders in companies. Give fair challenge when better decisions could be made. Now is the time to keep the conversation going! Take a walk on the wild side!

7. #AdoptDontShop/Reduce Meat Consumption or GO Vegan

Embracing Earth Day means taking care of all aspects of Earth - including our furry friends! If you’re able, rescuing a pet is one of the most selfless things a human can do, and one of the most absolutely rewarding. Make the world brighter for an animal in need by adopting or donating to your favorite rescue organization like the ASPCA. Our factory Farm friends: Cows, Pigs, Chickens and more-are in grave need of our help too. Please consider reducing meat consumption and opt for plant based meat and dairy alternatives like Impossible Food, Just Egg or Violife.  These plant based alternatives help reduce the Earth's carbon emissions, reduces the abuse & suffering of factory farmed animals and are healthy for the soul! Give them a try and see if YOU can tell the difference!

8. Make a Mark, Big or Small

Get involved in organizations that do good. Whether that means volunteering at your local Parks & Rec department or donating to campaigns aimed at saving our planet's natural resources.  With so many outdoor places to explore -there are a million ways to make your mark. Find yours!

9. Remember your Roots

Earth is bigger than we can ever fathom, and many of us will travel and try to see as much of it as we can. But appreciating Earth can also be as simple as paying respects to your roots. The place where you learned and grew and became. Earth is your hometown. It’s the tree in your frontyard, the park down the street, your neighbor's cat, the stars that shine over us all. Earth is everywhere, everything. It’s past, present and future. Today, and everyday, respect Earth. Take care of Mother Nature. Let yourself be amazed by all that She does, and can do. And do your part to protect our planet, for yourself and all living beings - from the puppies we share our couches with to the flowers blooming in unexpected places to the people we know and the people we don’t know.

Please leave a comment below and let us know how you're celebrating EARTH DAY!

Happy Earth Day from your friends at si SKIN Organics!