Our Name

 is pronounced: "Sea" or "See" and it means "Yes" in Spanish & Italian. 

si SKIN Organics began as a personal journey, with our founder’s quest for a solution.  Seeking her own answers, she discovered the soothing, almost magical powers of seaweed and that is how the name "si" SKIN Organics evolved.

Our Turtle

The sea turtle woven into our name is to promote awareness of our oceans and the conservation efforts underway for all living creatures and the environment.  We support SWOT (The State of the World's Sea Turtles) program.

Our sea turtle symbolizes physical and mental well-being, a long life, journeys and good luck.

Our Passion

si SKIN Organics was created from a passion and a personal commitment for every woman who wants to take charge of her life, her body and her (and our planet’s) future. 

Women are a force of Nature.  Through our products, messages, content, and partnerships, we are on a mission to empower women to make a positive difference in the world and "See" their beauty!